Madhya Pradesh Travel Mart

Madhya Pradesh Travel Mart


Madhya Pradesh Travel Mart's (MPTM) main aim was to create a platform that offered the perfect environment to promote Tourism in MP and to create a community that would do business together.

The objective of this B2B event was to reinforce Madhya Pradesh as a world-class destination for Wildlife, Nature, Heritage, Pilgrimage and Adventure, and to provide a platform that would create the opportunity to meet, network, and share expertise with travel trade buyers who wanted to learn about various products.

Getting the right potential buyers and engaging them with informed sellers was a big challenge.


MP clearly had 4 pillars of tourism to showcase to its Buyers: Heritage, Pilgrimage, Adventure and Leisure.

We created a logo that clearly communicated the positioning of Madhya Pradesh to buyers, media and consumers under these 4 pillars. The lineage of MP with its diverse offerings came alive in our logo design that was the identity of MP throughout all communication platforms.

The most challenging task was to get potential focussed buyers from the Domestic and International travel trade who were not considering MP as their prime selling state in India.

We followed an aggressive acquisition strategy: We set up a call centre to communicate to about 850 high potential Domestic and International Buyers.

  1. We built engagement through social media traction, focussed mailers, press meet and a dynamic website.

  2. We Initiated dialogues with 864 prospective Domestic and International buyers and encouraged our team to set up one-on-one interactions to explain the state positioning.

  3. Educated prospects and facilitated them with curated content to excite them about possibilities in MP.

The result was the presence of a delegation of buyers that held a potential of more than 1000 crores buying capacity!


Over 55,000 sq. ft. area was built up for this B2B Mart. The Mart provided an opportunity to tap into Tourism opportunities of MP by bringing a forum of exceptional one-to-one business meetings.

Presided by Shri. Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Hon. Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, and other dignitaries like Shri. Surendra Patwa, Minister for Tourism, Government of Madhya Pradesh and Shri. Hari Ranjan Rao, Secretary - Tourism, Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation (MPSTDC), led us to follow extensive security and VIP protocol.


International Buyers from 28 countries participated in the Mart.

With over 175 Domestic and 70 International Buyers (from USA, Switzerland etc.), 91% of the buyers appreciated the quality of Sellers and agreed that their agenda for visiting the mart was satisfied. 98% visitors gave a resounding YES to visit the mart once again! The net worth of these attendees was more than INR 1000 crores.

While the GOI analysis is still awaited, it is expected that MPTM initiatives are slated to give Madhya Pradesh a boost of 15% growth in Tourism.

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