Microsoft Future Decoded

Microsoft Future Decoded

#FutureDecoded was a tech corporate meeting curated to answer the ‘what, when and how’ of digital transformation.

It was a critical corporate meeting for Microsoft as India leads the world in the digital transformation business impact scorecard, according to a global survey conducted by CA Technologies with Coleman Parkes. With a score of 79 (out of 100), the impact driven from digital initiatives in India is higher than the global BIS average score of 53.

We were addressing a multi-crore market of digital transformation, controlled by not more than 3000 Tech Officers (CHROs, CMO’s, CTO’s - referred to as CXOs).

To achieve this, it was important to understand our audience profile and to create the right theme with right experiences for the right audience.

We had to bring alive digital transformation, and to position Microsoft as the leader of Digital Transformation in India.

We created and executed #FutureDecoded to address the fight of CXOs to master business challenges with technology.


To create the biggest CXO corporate meeting that will inspire, excite and delight them.

We had to create a marquee event that will shift Microsoft's positioning of digital transformation from a PPT diagram to a real life practical experience with the showcase of 26 world class solutions by 14 partners who are experts in the space of Cyber Security, Smart Cities, Human Resource, Manufacturing and Retail.


We went with the task of creating #FutureDecoded that would make the CXOs: Think digital-first with Microsoft!

The first challenge was to create a corporate meeting that could address what CXOs could gain for their organisations by attending this conference. Keeping the busy schedule and time crunch, it was important to create a conference that would showcase Microsoft’s mastery in digital transformation in real life situations.

We came up with a masterpiece of immersive experience by creating a Disneyland of Technology for 2000 decision makers of Digital India! As almost all the CXOs walked in imagining a regular presentation conference with an intention of not investing more than a couple of hours, they were in for a pleasant surprise when they saw their Future being Decoded in most engaging way.

We created a City with 5 real time zones of Home, Warehouse, Café Parlor and Office space to showcase live demos of some of the world's best technologies. Through Live models and real-life examples we showed CXOs how to save billions of dollars in their supply chain and how to improve productivity, engage with customers and add to their revenues.

Built in messages in BOTS, Interactive games, con artists in Security Zone added quirks to realism.

The Main differentiation between #FutureDecoded ‘Disneyland’ and other tech conferences was extreme immersion in real life experience of tech solutions! None of the solutions were a demo ...It was all an Experience! We converted regular hotel spaces into interesting Café, Start Up Zones, Conversation Areas and ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ Zones to achieve networking and business conversations.

To address the direct concerns of CXOs, our keynote content and Microsoft solutions experience showcased.

Home Zone showed the ability to make real-time decisions can increase by 86%. Manufacturing Zone showed efficiency in operations can increase by 85%. Office Zone showed Improved processes by 82%. Human Resource Zone showed improved employee satisfaction and retention by 77%.

Keeping in mind the influencing status of CXOs, we engaged Marc Hires (technical and engineering students) to do the personalized story telling of Microsoft Solutions to the CXOs. Each batch of 10 CXOs was led by a Marc Hire who told them the story of the zone and took him through the solutions.

The result

Each CXO was present for almost 7 hours Engaging, Networking and Decoding business opportunities.

Business Sales Opportunities generated for Microsoft India - $107 million worth of Pipe Acceleration and $12 million worth of new opportunities.


Execution Amplification: The top tech decision makers of India were in for surprise when they entered Marriot Sahar in Mumbai expecting traditional demos but found themselves in a ‘Disneyland of Technology’!

I00,000 Sq. ft of area was converted into a Tech Magic Land!

We Gamified IOT!

We Simplified Cloud computing!

We Solved Big Data Analytics!

We Experiencialised Virtual Reality!

We Socialised Holo Lens!

We conned Security :)

And Decoded the Future for them in their personal and professional space.

Business Amplification: Through our Zones We Showcased that:

  • Government can save upto INR 206 billion by digital adaptation.

  • When organisations engage customers and employees digitally they experience 240% boost in business outcomes.

  • In real life situations we showcased how Microsoft customers (Tata, Mahindra, Metlife and Amway etc.) have digitally transformed and achieved more success.


FutureDecoded enabled CXOs to optimize their business, empower their employees, engage their customers, and transform their products. In short, it opened new doors of opportunity for their business.

Over a period of two days, we engaged and influenced 2000 CXOs that control 80% of Digital Spend in India.

356,000+ viewers attended Live streaming.

1065 media stories across two days for Future Decoded.

91.5 million Reach.

296 million Impressions.

13.9K Conversations

#FutureDecoded trended #1 nationwide on Twitter and YouTube live stream on the Business Day.

Most importantly: Business Sales Opportunities generated for Microsoft India - $107 million worth of Pipe Acceleration and $12 million worth of new opportunities.

Mission Accomplished!

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