We are an Independent, Media Agnostic, Experiential and MarComm Agency. Our creativity, capability and strategy are based on the principles of Design Thinking to cater to brand vision leading to growth oppurtunities!

We fearlessly embrace the power of experience creation in all its forms. It's our gravitational push and pull, keeping us firmly in the future instead of the settled here and now. Taking this foundation, we springboard it, crafting extensive, surprising concepts across the entire spectrum of media: Whether it is Events, Activations, Exhibitions, MICE, Son-e-Lumiere’ or Museums!

We are 24 years old, not 100, so our baggage is carry-on!

We're founded by passionate leadership: we're client-focused! Instead of wishing for a better agency, we built one ourselves. Committed to collaboration, we respect different voices, experiences and perspectives inside our agency, and beyond.

Born in Delhi, India, the hotbed of history, creativity and talent is in our blood and in our building. Like a bird who never sits still, we refuse to be afraid of heights! We are CSDirekt!

Thinkers and makers work together to produce work that matters!

Digital Solutions

We create digital solutions that are both a medium and a message. Mediums like mobile apps, online communities, virtual reality, social media, and AI are used to increase engagement, boost reach, and broaden markets!


Based on our philosophy of 'Design Thinking', our team develops video and editorial content for brands. With our network of creators, coupled with our in-house studios and editing facilities, we deliver quality work at the speed of the internet!

Experiential, Events and Activations

Our experiential team develops, produces, and distributes proprietary experiential platforms (events, shows, campaigns, activations, exhibitions, and meetings) for brands!

Visual Production

Our film production team produces audio, video, and editorial content for the myriad of platforms used by brands. We have delivered great viral content that enhances reach!


Our approach is based on the New Age formula of DROP.


Diagnostics: We go beyond the brief and relive the product or the customer journey! We challenge the status quo!


Research: We look for insights and gaps by involving experts from their respective fields and by conducting extensive market research!


Opportunities: We look for opportunities based on the data from the research and insights we gather. We then submit a growth opportunity analysis to you.


Plan: Our team of ‘design thinkers’ come back with solutions based on insights derived in the Diagnostics Phase. We then submit the plan and lead it to flawless execution!