BD India hosted its annual offsite conclave for 700+ employees (or, associates in BD’s vocabulary).

Some of the recurring features over the years have been the strategic roll-out for the new fiscal plans, R&R, and long service awards (Timeless Honours) for BD’s associates.

Each year there is a theme that gets unveiled for the India operations and is followed through the year by all businesses and functions.

The Key Element across these themes is Growth (in a holistic sense)

According to BD growth has different meanings for different stakeholders, which we wanted to illustrate through our conceptualisation of the event.

For an individual: personal growth and career aspirations.

For a group: teamwork and synergies leading to a whole which is more than the sum of its parts.

For the organization: widening its societal impact, higher sales figures, higher brand equity, and better consumer scores.

For BD’s customers: more teeth to complement their services and offerings and contribute to better patient care.

For a patient: innovations that enhance care outcomes and strengthen the continuum.

We thus created a theme of ‘COLLABORATION’ with a judicious mix of strategy, team spirit, and fun! This theme was congruent to BD’s leadership model (purpose-driven, agile, customer centric, inclusive, diverse) and was built on the lines of BD values!