Mercedes Luxe Drive

Mercedes Luxe Drive

The ‘Mercedes Luxe Drive’ is the most recognized experiential drive platforms in the Indian automotive industry. Luxe Drive Live 2019 was based on the three exciting pillars of Adrenaline, Gourmet and Music! It was as much about the raw excitement and adrenaline rush as it was about experiencing luxury first-hand.

Celebrated Chef Ranveer Brar himself curated the gourmet for the distinguished guests, and the live performances were in association with MTV. Adding to this, an experience was curated around the excitement and fascination associated with Mercedes-Benz. The Luxury Experience was created in 16 cities across India.

The 25,000 sq. ft. marquee was designed especially for Luxe Drive and was based on the iconic Simplex grille design philosophy of Mercedes. The design was created in a silver and black contrast where we combined the futuristic, forward looking elements, but also incorporated the traditional aspects of luxury and comfort in there. The design thinking behind this was that, while many people wear classic timepieces, they still have access to a smartphone for their modern needs.

Looking towards the GLS and GLE, as they relate to the Simplex’s form language, we took the same philosophy into the interiors of the marquee for the accessories display, valuation, bar counter, car display and engagements.

A specially designed driving track was created to showcase the ability of the cars through Slalom, braking, dark room parkour and fast drive. For the first time, the parkour was designed and executed in India with structural verifications from Germany, all lending the client great credibility and belief in CSDirekt’s ability to create the parkour marvel!

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